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ask more info about Cabrinha 2013 Vector IDS Cabrinha 2013 Vector IDS The Vector is a performance 3-strut kite in a simple minimalist package. With the Vector there is nothing getting between you and an amazing kitesurfing experience. The hybrid design is perfect for Universal Riding. That means its perfect for surf, freestyle, or wakestyle. The Vector has a robust construction, using all of the same materials and components in our much higher end kites. We've stripped down the non essentials, giving you the option to upgrade as you feel necessary. ask more info about Cabrinha 2013 Vector IDS
ask more info about Cabrinha 2013 Switchblade IDS Cabrinha 2013 Switchblade IDS The 2011 Switchblade IDS kite has a few blades in its sheath. Having the distinction as being the premier wakestyle kite worldwide, the Switchblade also shines as an excellent all round freeride and freestyle kite. Kudos is given to the Switchblade for having feather light bar pressure and easy handling. Its bow kite outline makes its relaunch a snap. But all of this is overshadowed by its flying performance.

The Switchblade has the right combination of turning speed and power effiency to make it the go - to kite for anyone looking to hit a rail or launch off a kicker.
ask more info about Cabrinha 2013 Switchblade IDS
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Powerdrive IDS Control Bar Cabrinha 2011 Powerdrive IDS Control Bar The Powerdrive IDS control system starts with an ergonomic design, which allows precise steering and power input to your kite.

Secondly, by adding our new Recoil system to the Internalized IDS Landing Line we have reduced the external clutter often found on other bars.

The final result is a streamlined and user-friendly control system that works well for both the first time kiter and the seasoned pro.
ask more info about Cabrinha 2011 Powerdrive IDS Control Bar
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