Kite Repair

Now, when you break your kite, there’s no need to worry. You can be back out and riding the very next day.

Repair estimation (prices may vary depending on the location and nature of damage):


  • Minimum 20 $
  • 7″ to 13″
  • Anything over 13″ is an additional 1.50$ per inch.
  • If the rip runs along a strut or leading edge add 2$ per inch to that area.

Leading Edge and Struts:

  • Minimum 35$
  • 7″ to 13″ – 45$
  • Anything over 13″ is 2$ per inch.
  • If the rip runs around a junction point add 20$.

Contact us or call us at 415-244-8007 if you need any kite repair.

We offer full warranty for our repairs –¬†We can fix it for the next day.