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Greg South Bay 2009-08-17
Went out at 3rd ave yesterday. Did two downwinders to lower beach. I was remembering everything you taught me, so thanks for the great lessons.
John Panozzo San Francisco 2008-09-15
Learning to kiteboard has been a frustrating experience for me. I am a
56 year old man who has no prior boarding or skiing experience and who
is not particularly athletic nor coordinated. However, a lot of that
improved once I met Ovi Banuta of Kite415. Ovi was my 4th kiteboarding
instructor and was absolutely the best teacher of the bunch. He taught
me the most in the shortest amount of time. No kidding. While most
instructors know how to ride, Ovi can effectively and quickly instruct
you how to do it. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

The area in the San Francisco Bay where Ovi teaches has some of the best
wind but doesn't have the large waves that can make you sea sick, he
uses the latest equipment (kites, bars, boards) instead of gear beat up
by other students, and his FAST TRACK 415 package (6 hours for $499) is
a great value.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to kiteboard I recommend
that you give Ovi a call. He is great guy and would love to speak with
you. For someone like me who is a slow learner and easily frustrated,
Ovi could have named his company Kite911 for all the help he provided.
Thanks Ovi, I appreciate it.
Hugo K. Marin 2008-05-30
Ovi has a love of kiteboarding and enthusiastic, intensive teaching methods that will take your kiting to the next level.. He has the skills to demonstrate and explain any trick as well as impart the basics of kiteboarding. The jet ski platform maximizes kite time for the truly committed student. I had a great experience and look forward to gaining more skills in a structured and safe environment.

Kyle Half Moon Bay 2008-05-08
Thanks so much I am so stoked of this sport !
Josh SF 2008-05-08
God I had a blast on Friday and Saturday !

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