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Thaomas H. SF 2010-05-11
"Ovi at Kite415 recently did a kite repair for me that is not only strong and performs well, his workmanship seems as good as the factory's workmanship. In addition to a very competitive price for the repair, his turn around was quick and there were no shipping charges. Ovi's enthusiasm and knowledge of this sport is extensive. So not only did I get my kite back quickly and fixed correctly, I've developed a great resource.

Tom H. Oyster Point - Kite 415 2010-04-13
Thanks for the land lesson on Saturday. I really appreciate your teaching methodology and your approach relative to safety (e.g. launching towards the water).
Mia Lilien Oyster Point - Kite 415 2010-04-09
Kite415 is the best! Ovi's emphasis on safety, laser focus, respect for conditions and equipment makes me calm. I feel safe seeing the Harbor Patrol's friendly staff and their top speed watercraft ready to go. The private bathrooms with showers are clean, convenient and safe. The surrounding, sweeping views are breathtaking. Feeling one with the elements - water, kite, and wind - tranquility.
Marius S. SF 2009-10-08
Marius S.

Mountain View, CA

I have been trying to start kiting for some years now. Along the way I picked up some bad habits and I could not make progress any more. By a struck of luck I met Ovi and we managed to setup a couple of lessons.

Ovi diagnosed at once what my problems where: I was too tense, I was flying the kite too much but without power, I was focusing too much on the board instead of the kite and so on. It was impossible for me to figure out all what I was doing wrong and Ovi came to the rescue here. It is even harder to un-learn and re-learn but Ovi kept on drilling into me the right approach. He has down an amazingly simple lesson plan to get you out of the water and riding across the wind. On the water he kept slowing me down and help me focus on the basic. I was amazingly flying across the water after my second hour.

Ovi really understands kiting but what is most important he really knows how to teach somebody else how to kite. Most of his instructions are very simple but they all need to be followed all the time in the right sequence. He somehow managed to teach me how to teach my body what is the right approach to get out of the water and going. It takes real teaching talent and dedication to make this happen out there on the water with the wind blowing, the kite flying all over the window, the board floating away and a puzzled student.

Thanks a lot Ovi!
Diana & Stephan Oyster Point - Kite415 2009-08-24
Stephen and I had a blast today. Thank you and John for taking us out. We will definitely be back and spread the word on your camp

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